Camp Akili Frequently Asked Questions

Are there scholarships?

Essentially each youth receives a scholarship. The actual cost to participate in camp is $1200 per youth, and our registration fee only covers a fraction of that amount. We do offer a limited number of partial scholarships to further assist with registration fees for those in need. We also offer a three-month payment plan option for those who cannot pay the registration fee all at once. Both the scholarship and payment option information can be found on the registration form.

Who are the staff and volunteers?

Dedicated individuals, from our community, who serve in either a paid or volunteer role, staff Camp Akili. Most staff and volunteers have extensive training in youth development. Outside of camp, many staff and volunteers work in the education, mental health, and/or the youth services fields. We train all staff and volunteers in our unique approach to working with and supporting young people.

Are the staff and volunteers screened?

Yes, all of our Camp Akili staff and volunteers are fingerprinted and screened. All new staff and volunteers go through an internal application and review process before they can serve as camp staff or volunteers. There is always one adult on-site who has CPR training.

Are cell phones allowed at Camp Akili?

With all of the distractions of social media, we do not allow the youth to bring their cell phones to Camp Akili. We want the participants to be fully present and have time free of technology. This enables them to build deeper connections and engage more fully in the camp activities. Once registered, family members will receive a number to contact camp staff.

What if my child has dietary restrictions?

We can accommodate most dietary restrictions and allergies. Include detailed information on the registration application and we will notify the dining commons of your child’s dietary needs.

Can you describe the sleeping arrangements?

Absolutely! During camp youth will be housed in gender separate dorms on the Sonoma State University campus. Each youth will reside in a double occupancy suite with an assigned roommate. There will be chaperones in each dorm.

What if my child gets hurt or sick while at camp?

Not to worry. We take every precaution to keep your child safe. But, in the event that there is an accident or your child becomes ill, we will get your child immediate medical attention. The camp is located just a short distance from the nearest hospital. Staff will transport your child to the hospital; accompany them during the visit, and keep you updated on what’s going on.

Can my youth leave the campus?

No, all youth must complete the full five days of Camp Akili. We do not allow youth to have visitors.

What if my youth breaks a rule?

We always hope this is never an issue. We will first try a restorative justice process to address the issue. Should that not be effective or if it is deemed unsafe for the youth to remain at camp, they will need to be picked up from camp immediately.

Can my child attend camp more than one year?

Yes, in fact it’s best for youth to attend multiple camp sessions. Repeated exposure to our principles and practices helps youth to continue in their personal transformation process over time.

What happens after camp?

To reinforce the principles that youth learn during camp, we provide them with a set of practices to use when they return home. We also encourage them to keep in contact with their Camp Akili cohort after the experience ends. Additionally, we encourage them to connect with other youth serving and community organizing projects so they can transfer the skills they have learned into their real lived experiences. We will support youth to connect with organizations that may be of interest to them. Lastly, we can provide you with a home toolkit that you can use to talk to your youth and support their continuous growth.

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