Camp Akili

For over 30 years, Flourish Agenda has been at the forefront of healing and provided transformative learning and development experiences for Black youth and youth of color throughout California, in its program, Camp Akili. Camp Akili creates a safe and supportive space to confront complex and personal issues (i.e., community violence, depression, and self-hatred) and their impact on individuals and communities, while deepening an appreciation for themselves and their communities. Camp Akili uses healing centered practices to guide intense discussions and experiential workshops to explore self- and racial esteem and healing practices. Critical thinking, cultural pride, and social responsibility are collective goals to promote healing and personal transformation. The overall impact of these experiences, combined with intensive relationship building with peers and supportive adults, results in violence prevention and individual and community well-being.

One camper summed up her experience: “When I first came, I was shy and kinda scared to come out of my comfort zone, but now I feel 100% more comfortable with my race and who I am as a person.” Another camper reflected that Camp, “Allows me to come back to myself, whole.”

Flourish is excited to announce its first ever Camp Akili East Coast expansion to the City of Brotherly Love – Philadelphia. In partnership with the Philadelphia School District Office of Prevention, Intervention, and Trauma, Flourish will be hosting Camp Akili from July 24-27 at Thomas Jefferson University - East Falls Campus. This will be a 3.5 day, overnight experience located at Thomas Jefferson University - East Falls Campus.

We are seeking Fellows to support youth and families during the Camp Akili Philly program. The Akili Fellowship is a program designed to transform the way youth development providers support youth of color and their families. This model uniquely melds together transformative youth and adult development, social justice principles, personal healing, and cultural transformation.

Fellows engage in a transformational experience to build their youth development, family engagement and leadership skills. Fellows can receive up to 100 hours of training which includes a pre-camp session to support youth and their families with implementing the healing approach.

Before applying please review our Akili Fellow Job Description & Expectations.

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