Akili Family Camp

January 14 - 16, 2022

Join us for a weekend of intergenerational healing and strengthening of self, parenthood, youthful joy and where they all intersect.

Akili Family Camp will kick off with a 40-day meet and greet on December 5 at Akoma Market at the Black Cultural Zone at Eastmont Mall and culminate during Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.

Please complete the registration form below to register everyone in your household for the Akili Family Camp. Once this application is completed, please be prepared to submit the registration fee. Any applications received without a payment will not be processed (scholarships are available, please see below)

The registration fee is $150, per family which you can choose to pay in full or make 3 installment payments in the amount of $50 over 3 months.

We strive to make Akili Family Camp available to all families by offering a scholarship program that reduces the fee to $50. To apply for a scholarship, please contact Evin Glaude as indicated below.

You will receive a confirmation once your application and payment have been received.

Should you need any assistance in completing the application or to request a scholarship, please contact Evin Glaude at evin at flourishagenda.com or (510) 629-1618, and she will assist you in any way possible.