Brett Metzger

Brett comes to Flourish with a variety of experience in small businesses, event support and financial services for primarily non-profit community, theatre and arts presenting organizations, though he has also owned high-end custom stationery stores in San Francisco, was part of producing team that ran a yearlong production on the life of Buckminster Fuller, and worked on features films in Los Angeles. Brett has a passion for providing opportunities that connect people with new ideas in meaningful and impactful ways, that can change their lives and our communities.

Recently Brett was the Operations Director of Confluence Philanthropy, a nonprofit membership organization which supports the impact investing activities of its members, where he oversaw accounting, HR, IT and event operations and prior to that position he was the Director of Internal Operations for the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco where he oversaw operations of one of the largest JCC’s in the US. The center serves over 4000 people per day and his staff interacted with almost all of them, providing customer service, meeting, event, production and rental support for over a thousand events per year. He also led internal staff support through AV, IT, and room and building use management.

Brett has an MFA from the School of Theatre, Film, and Television and the Anderson School of Business at UCLA focusing on the business of non-profit and for-profit art and media production, and a BA from the University of San Francisco. When not at Confluence, he is volunteering at his daughters’ public school as a PTA board member, working on home improvements projects for a 100-year-old bungalow and biking around Alameda where he lives with his wife, two daughters and their dachshund Viktor.

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