Caregiver’s Retreat 2018

In March 2018, Flourish Agenda partnered with Lincoln Child Center to facilitate a Radical Healing Caregiver’s retreat. Our Radical Healing Caregivers retreat took place on Friday March 16th through Sunday March 18th at Marconi Conference Center in the San Francisco Bay Area. This retreat was specifically designed for caregivers to focus on their individual exploration as opposed to their identity as parents. This retreat was structured around the CARMA principles which consist of Culture, Agency, Relationships, Meaning, and Aspirations and covered topics including: Introduction to the Radical Healing Framework, exploring trauma and triggers, goal setting and having courageous conversations. Our learnings have found that once caregivers have a deep relationship with themselves, they are able to  develop more meaningful relationships with their children. This  retreat was facilitated by Aisha Bilal, Spearitwurx, and Jennifer Johns.

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