Flourish Agenda/Youth Development Institute Radical Healing Retreat

In October 2018, Flourish Agenda partnered with the Youth Development Institute, one of the largest youth development training organizations in New York City, to bring together youth development professionals to introduce them to the Radical Healing framework and Healing Centered Engagement. The retreat was held the weekend of October 19th-21st at the Edith Macy Conference Center in Briarcliff Manor, NY. This experience provided a space for youth development professionals to come together to reflect on how they themselves may need to heal, and to use this self- awareness to enact change in their personal lives and in their work that will ultimately lead to a change for the young people they work with. Over the course of the three-day retreat, participants worked together in large group and small “village” settings to dive deep into these framework principles through discussion and activities that encouraged participants to personalize and internalize the concepts. Facilitators supported villages to each create their own norms and values and become intimate learning communities for healing insights. Village facilitators helped weave the content presented in the large group format into meaningful moments of reflection, learning and healing. For example, participants created vision boards to imagine and make concrete what healing would look like in their personal and professional lives. They planted “soul” flowers – seed bombs that will become a tangible artifact of a vision created at the retreat that can be cultivated once home. CARMA collages got participants thinking about the relevance of the principles to their life and prepared them to start thinking about how they can create change and build capacity in their work sites and personal lives after the retreat. 

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