Mia Haywood Jones

Born in Sacramento and raised in Tulare, California, Mia moved to the Bay Area, during which time she attended California State University, Hayward earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration. After years of corporate administrative and customer relationship experience, in August of 2014, she decided to venture out and do what she does best. Mia has always embraced the challenge of resolving issues and enjoys seeing lasting results. She is always looking for, and often finding, newer and better ways to take any client or company she works with through the process of honing efficiency and productivity, perhaps a result of her fast learning curve and her affinity for technology.

When she’s not at work, Mia cherishes the time spent with her family, and the nurturing the relationships built since relocating to the Walnut Creek area.  Family is very important to Mia, as is personal growth. She also enjoys photography, having spent time on each side of the lens. She challenges herself to continuous growth and never intends to stop.

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