Our Approach

We want people to get off the path of the discouragement, and onto the path of possibility and hope. That starts with Radical Healing!

Radical Healing means restoring hope, power, and possibilities in schools and organizations. Radical Healing’s power is building relationships that improve organizational climate and supports the well-being of everyone. The result are powerful strategies and more effective policies that support young people with boosting their culture, agency, relationships, sense of meaning and aspirations (CARMA). Our framework has been developed over the past 25 years and has a track record of impact! We provide agencies with tools, training and insight necessary to improve their engagement with young people of color.


  1. Be more effective in building individual, collective, and organizational well-being.
  2. Create approaches that improve young people’s social emotional well-being.
  3. Develop strategies that heal rather than harm young people.
  4. Cultivate practices that improve school and organizational climate and racial equity.
  5. Form networks for innovation and learning.
  6. Adopt the right metrics to gauge progress toward well-being and equity.


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