We equip schools, youth agencies, foundations, and local governments  with strategies, training, and tools that enhance learning and healthy development for youth.

Our Work

Radical Healing Retreats

Our Radical Healing retreats provide breakthrough experiences to educational practitioners and caregivers which enables them to reignite their passion for the children and youth in their lives, while exposing them to self- care and wellbeing practices that encourage them to flourish. Our work indicates that when adults are well, the children in their lives also experience a greater sense of happiness and well-being.


Keynote Talks

Flourish Agenda founder and CEO, Shawn Ginwright, PhD, provides powerful, insightful, and moving keynote addresses to international, national, and local youth serving organizations, agencies, and schools. His speeches combine cutting edge research, personal narratives, and imaginative story-telling to move audiences beyond conventional thinking, toward more radical possibilities for young people in America.

Coaching and Consulting

We provide customized services to help our clients build and implement effective strategies that produce real results for young people. We support institutions to create and improve culturally relevant programming, train staff to more effectively work with youth of color, and evaluate program impact and effectiveness. Services include staff trainings, equity assessments, on-site observations and support, coaching calls, webinars, and one-on-one coaching.


We offer workshops on the basics of Radical Healing for youth program staff and service providers, teachers, and education administrators. These workshops are a good way for smaller organizations to learn about and adopt some basic skills needed to improve organizational and/or school climate, build and adopt strategies that achieve equity in organizations. Our more advanced workshops provide in-depth lessons around Radical Healing through on-site support to organizations in half- or full-day sessions.

Camp Akili

Camp Akili is a five-day residential, personal development, and leadership summer camp for African American youth ages 14-18. The date is July 29 – August 2, 2019. The camp uses our Radical Healing model to foster transformative connections to self, peers, and community. Camp Akili sparks critical thinking, fosters personal transformation, strengthens cultural appreciation, and encourages social action. Camp Akili has been offered for 25 years, impacting the lives of hundreds of youth.


Research and Evaluation

We conduct research about youth of color, racial trauma, and well-being. We apply our findings to improve our practice and tailor it to meet the unique needs of each client. In addition, we conduct tailored research and evaluation projects to shape and assess programming of youth serving organizations, schools, and foundations.

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