Chris Nguon, MSW

Director of Client Engagement

Chris Nguon is an Oakland native and graduate of the University of California-Berkeley. An avid learner and advocate, Chris has held numerous community-based roles as a public service professional, spanning commitments in elementary schools, affordable housing, recreational centers, residential services, and family resource centers throughout various neighborhoods in West Oakland. Chris firmly believes that radical healing, consistency and follow-through, cultural competency, and community awareness are the foundational hallmarks of impactful work.


Chris is also a passionate sports fan, finding value in both analytics and the eye test. A previous professional sports writer, Chris has written for the Oakland Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle and other multi-media outlets. Chris has also co-authored two books; Agony to Ecstasy: The Perfect Season and McClymonds High: The School of Champions, highlighting his deep love and appreciation for his alma mater and the desire to document the resonating historical influence that McClymonds High has had not only for West Oakland, but the entire country.