Marquis Engle

Senior Trainer

marquis engle

Marquis Engle is a dynamic Creative and Griot who uses a plethora of mediums to tell stories of strength and courage in a creative way. He graduated from the Cleveland School of the Arts in 2009 with six consecutive years of expertise in Visual Arts-including but not limited to Wet and Digital Photography, Digital Design, Ceramics, Figure Drawing and Oil painting. Marquis furthered his education at Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD), a Private Arts College in Columbus, Ohio. It was there that Engle lasered his focus to Fashion Design and Social Activism to advocate for those like himself who live with HIV.

During his time at CCAD, Engle mastered his ability to demonstrate social activism through his craft and in 2012 Engle did just that during the annual Planned Parenthood Condom Couture Fashion Show. The Purpose was to raise money and awareness of the continued epidemic of HIV and Aids by designing and displaying garments which were created completely from latex condoms. Engle earned third place and leveraged the platform to reveal his HIV positive status. His intent and impact were so successful in reminding the audience why they were there that Engle and Planned Parenthood later partnered to create a PSA and also authored a column for the Call and Post raising for World Aids Day, which is celebrated annually on December 1st.

Engle further solidified his impact in fashion and activism when he was invited to participate in Fashion Week Columbus by serving on the City’s Fashion Council; which at the time was the third City in America for Fashion according to Columbus Monthly; and also by receiving a fellowship with The Children’s Defense Fund, becoming one of 50 fellows who would serve as an Ella Baker Trainer for the following 4 years. Engle again merged his activism with his innovative creativity that would revolutionize Columbus’ Fashion industry and raise the bar of expectation for Ella Baker trainers in the years to follow while also providing an opportunity for Engle to serve as the Program Director for one of San Francisco’s oldest Black Led institutions, Booker T. Washington Community Service Center for the last 5 years. Engle continues to share his story and create with his activism by focusing now on addressing harm, restoring and sustaining wellness of youth, young adults and the Leaders that work with them by teaching his mentor Dr. Shawn Ginwrights’ life work of Healing Centered Engagement.