Flourish Agenda

Effective strategies to support young people of color based on 25 years of experience, research and sweat!

Our Challenge

While our communities are places of possibility, they also breed hopelessness.

Both young people of color and the adults who support them often are overwhelmed by violence and stress, factors that damage well-being, hope, and agency. Schools and youth serving institutions often struggle to support youth of color, and find it difficult to keep them hopeful, and engaged. The result is that millions of young people of color grow up hopeless and disengaged, without the tools they need to create schools and communities in which they can flourish.

Our Mission

Flourish Agenda

Flourish Agenda is a national nonprofit consulting firm that works with youth of color, schools, youth serving organizations, foundations, and local governments to build and implement strategies that allow young people to flourish. Our mission is to design strategies that unlock the power of healing and engage youth of color and adults in transforming their schools and communities

Our Approach

Our Radical Healing process gets people off the path of the discouragement and onto the path of possibility and hope.

Radical Healing practices and principles restore hope, power, and possibilities in schools and youth serving organizations. Radical Healing builds relationships that improve organizational climate and support the well-being. We help youth-serving institutions incorporate powerful strategies and more effective policies to support young people by boosting their culture, agency, relationships, sense of meaning, and aspirations (CARMA).


  1. Be more effective in building individual, collective, and organizational well-being.
  2. Create approaches that improve young people’s social emotional well-being.
  3. Develop strategies that heal rather than harm young people.
  4. Cultivate practices that improve school and organizational climate and racial equity.
  5. Form networks for innovation and learning.
  6. Adopt the right metrics to gauge progress toward well-being and equity.

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