Creative Labs Practitioner Community

Creative Labs is a new dynamic Healing-Centered Engagement (HCE) practitioner program helping healers take their HCE knowledge into action and implementation. The power of structured community connection alongside ongoing advanced HCE skill development is the Creative Labs recipe for empowering practitioners to successfully implement Healing-Centered Engagement practices that transform the lives of youth.

What is Creative Labs HCE Practitioner Program?

This innovative course, focused on real world impact and applying HCE to problem solving, equips Healing-Centered Engagement certified practitioners with the practical tools to drive transformative change in diverse communities. The Creative Labs program provides an exclusive menu of learning opportunities for HCE learners to elevate their skills from the HCE Certification and take the next step of integrating Healing-Centered practice into communities and institutions.

As a member of the Creative Labs community, you will:


Take your HCE certification to the next level by turning theory into action, integrating the certification material to real world challenges and opportunities for change.


Get exclusive access to an ever-growing library of materials and toolkits that give you the essential support you need to venture into new approaches.


Dreamstorm with fellow HCE practitioners from around the county and Flourish Agenda experts to co-create innovative tools together that transform systems.


Learn, laugh, create, and. transform in a tight knit community of healers who are passionate building a healing-centered future for youth.

“Always looking forward to these and engaging with with so many amazing people.

“Love how the presenters model HCE. Love the compassion and understanding shown across the board.”

“The breakouts were challenging and I had time to reflect afterwards about how to address some of my HCE stuck points.”


The Creative Labs Learning Experience Includes:

Technical Coaching for HCE Integration

Monthly community live sessions focused on specifically on how the principles of Healing-Centered Engagement and CARMA can be used to actively design new strategies for healing.

Premier Membership to the New Practitioner Online Community

Dive into discussion boards, share your stories, and connect directly with your practitioner community in our brand-new online healing network.

Exclusive HCE Sessions with Guest Experts and Speakers

Our technical coaching sessions focus on mastery, but these workshops are designed to fill your cup and elevate your perspective of the healing world. Gain insights into specific topics that shape the realm of healing and delve into new modalities and transformative techniques.

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